Texture Portfolio

Serpent Palace at Knossos

Building and texturing a scene in Unreal inspired by the Mycenean Palace at Knossos.

Self Portrait

It's still a work in progress, but I modeled and have been texturing my own self portrait. Some details still need to be corrected, and hair coming soon.

Elderly Woman

Mix of procedural and hand painted textures, created in Substance Painter.

Study in Darker Skin Tones

Modeled and textured by me, I wanted to be sure to include practice with darker skin tones as well.

OSL Wood Shader

Rendered in redshift, this table showcases a shader coded in OSL with adjustable plank count, plank width, and grain size.

OSL Rust Shader

Fully in OSL this rust shader is easily adjustable by the user variable by desired rust amount.

Electron Microscope Shader

Also coded in OSL. This shader can be applied to any model to create the look of the figure being under a microscope. The code utilizes a function that retrieves the cosine of the angle between the geometry points and the camera, creating a light rim whose width can be adjusted by the user.