About Me

I'm a life-long artist, and I have always been dedicated to creating art that tells a story. Given that my medium of choice prior to starting a career in VFX was oil paint, I didn't have the tools to tell long-form stories in my work. Instead, I focused on using texture, lighting, color and realism to convey strong emotions for whatever piece I was working on. You will find much of that work on this site and, hopefully you will see that it has translated into my newfound body of work as a VFX artist focusing in textures and shaders.

To that end, it is worth mentioning that I was pursuing a BFA in Painting and I had never touched a piece of VFX software prior to transferring to SCAD; I transferred in as a Junior so the portfolio you see here consists of work that has been created over the past year, but most of it comes from February 2023 and onward. I'm proud of the work that I am able to present, and I'm looking forward to improving my skills in the coming years.

If you're curious about my work prior to entering the VFX industry, you can find much of it under the "Personal Works" section of this site. For anyone with an adventurous spirit however, I recommend visiting my hometown of Columbus, GA where you can see one of my many murals in their natural habitats.

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